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Artist Biography:

Clint Brannon grew up in a small town in Arkansas. His parents motivated him to find success in what he had a passion for, which included baseball and art. Grade school art class established his education and love for art with new techniques. Baseball established his love for the outdoors and building relationships. Both created a challenge within a blank canvas.


Brannon moved to Fayetteville to pursue his love for baseball where he continued doing art, while also pitching for the University of Arkansas. After hanging up his glove in 2006, he started doing free-hand sketches, which led to graphic design. This transition freed up more time to study inspiring artists, opposing methods, and eventually led to this collection.

There have been many influences on this collection, but ultimately, his love for the outdoors set the tone. The emotions found in each of the animals gives the viewer their own energy. These creatures are sure to capture the hearts of many. 

Giraffe 16x20.jpg
Gorilla 16x20.jpg
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